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11December 11, 2018

Readlikes for Non-Reads

One of the things I've learned to do in my time as a librarian is to recommend books to people. Like with so much else in life, there are no one-size-fits-all book recommendations. There is no such thing as a universally-loved book. So, in order to find the right fit for the person I'm recommending for, I often ask them [...]

6December 6, 2018

Carnegie Questions: Get to Know Dan Pfalzgraf

Q: What’s your earliest memory of an art experience? Do you have any personal projects? Dan: My earliest art memories are from when I was six years old. I remember my sister teaching me the color wheel before I started first grade so I could impress the teacher with my knowledge on the first day of school. I also have [...]

Staff Spotlight

The Carnegie has thrived under the 30-year leadership of Director Sally Newkirk, the Floyd County Library, and the devoted board and community. I am excited for this opportunity to refresh our vision for the future, while honoring the Carnegie’s past. The Carnegie is a unique cultural institution because we can engage people through art, architecture, and history.

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