Beginning Genealogy

Learn about genealogy with a series of guided classes.

All classes take place from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM in the Indiana Room.

Registration is required. Visit the Indiana History Room or call 812-949-3527 to register.

Register Online

Getting Started – Thursday, June 1st

Learn what forms are used for genealogy and how to fill them out; which places have genealogical information; how to cite a source; how to organize your research; how to use the library’s website for city directories, family Bibles, and other useful genealogy tools; and how to look up obituaries, marriage announcements, etc. in the local newspaper. Discover the genealogy resources that are available.


Vital Records – Thursday, June 8th

Learn how to use indexes and microfilm to find birth, marriage, and death records; how to use cemetery records; how to use; and how to use to find vital records and to use the Social Security Death Index.


Census Records – Thursday, June 15th

Learn what a census is and what information is on it; how to use the census tracking form with a census record; what the differences are between each of the census records from 1790 to 1940; and how to use and HeritageQuest to find your person in a census.


Beyond Vitals & Census – Thursday, June 22nd

Learn the difference between wills and probate records and how they can help your research; how to find and use land records; what information can be found in church records and how to access those records; what indentures are and how to use them.