freThis collection development policy is a statement of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library’s commitment to provide excellent materials and service to our patrons. It links the collection to the the library’s mission statement, and describes the scope and standards of the various adult and young adult collections. As the local community changes, the library will need to reassess and adapt its collections to reflect new and differing areas of patron interest and public concern. This policy will be periodically reviewed and revised as necessary to provide guidance for implementing changes in the library’s collection.

Purposes of Collection Development Policy:

  • to inform the public and guide the professional staff about the principles and criteria upon which resource selections are made and retained.
  • to acquire and maintain a balanced collection, which meets the needs of the community.
  • to place the responsibility and authority for selection and management of adult and young adult materials within the framework of this policy, to be carried out by trained library staff in accordance with this policy.

Library Mission Statement:
The mission of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library is to create young readers, celebrate the diversity of our community, preserve our local history and promote genealogical research, support literacy, and stimulate imagination by providing services and collections in a variety of formats for use during leisure time. Through innovative programming, we create memories and shared stories for residents of all ages, in a community gathering place.

The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library will provide:

  1. Facilities for research and intellectual pursuits
  2. A diverse collection of print, non-print, and digital resources covering a broad subject spectrum
  3. Excellent customer service to patrons in the use of its collections
  4. Opportunities for lifelong learning
  5. Staff, financial assistance and oversight of the Carnegie Center for Art and History

The library subscribes to the belief that there should be no limitations in its service because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation and that there will be no special privilege for class, group or position in the community.

Collection Overview
The library collection consists of all materials owned by the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library within the library as well as the electronic and Web resources acquired through contract or selected and linked to by professional staff. These collection guidelines pertain particularly to the materials in the adult and young adult collections.

A strong emphasis on local history and genealogy is recognized as a distinct community need and will continue to be collected accordingly. (see the Indiana Room Collection Policy)

General Principles and Criteria for Selection
Selection is based on the merits of a resource to meet the needs, interests and demand of the entire New Albany-Floyd County community as set forth by the library’s mission statement. Basic to this policy are the “Library Bill of Rights,” the “Interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights,” the “Freedom to Read Statement” and the “Freedom to View Statement” as adopted by the American Library Association, and to which this Library subscribes. (See appendices) A number of factors go into the selection process including: patron demand, usefulness and appeal; appropriateness of format; content, style and authority; adequate coverage of controversial topics; value of the resource in relation to the whole collection; availability of specialized resources in other area libraries; currency and accuracy of information; and space available for housing the collection; and budgetary considerations. Whether purchased, donated (see Gift Book Policy in appendices) or digitally linked, one or more of these factors will be taken into consideration when selecting resources.

Resources that may be found objectionable by some portion of the community will not be automatically rejected. (see Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Material in appendices). The materials selection process is aimed at building collections with balance, diversity and objectivity in the subject areas of interest to this community.

Additional Criteria for specialized formats:

Audio-Visual Resources:
• Quality of sound, picture and performance
• Physical and packaging integrity

Electronic Resources:
• Graphic quality
• User friendliness
• Language of text
• Quality of documentation accompanying product
• Availability of product support and staff training
• Quality of Web Links incorporated in the resource
• Remote patron access

Goals of Collection Management and Development Program
New Albany-Floyd County Public Library is self-contained with no branch locations at this time. The current collection development goals at the main library are:

• To offer a choice of format, viewpoint, expression and level of difficulty in comprehension. The collections are not intended to be comprehensive or archival, except for the Indiana Room Collection.

• To fill gaps in its collections by acquiring important older works that were not acquired when they were first published.

• To replace copies of landmark works and of works in perennial demand that were previously acquired but are now missing from the shelves, worn out, or badly damaged.

• To strive to maintain that most-frequently-sought works are available in one or more format.

Position on Intellectual Freedom and Censorship
The library subscribes to the positions articulated in the following statements concerning library collections (appended to this document), which have been adopted by the American Library Association.

The Library Bill of Rights
Interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights

The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library believes that managing its collections should be a constant focus and will systematically weed materials to ensure that those collections are kept current, accurate, reliable, useful, and reflective of the residents of this community. Professional staff will continuously weed with the goal of reviewing the entire adult and young adult print collections annually. The criteria for weeding are detailed in the professional publication, the CREW Manual. Additional criteria used include:

• Irreparable damage
• Misleading, inaccurate, or outdated information
• Redundancy
• Availability in a more appropriate format
• Altered collection emphasis
• Space availability
• Insufficient use or interest
• Out of balance collection
• Updated edition

Selection Tools
Materials are selected from reviews in professional library journals, popular magazines, newspapers, popular media and Internet sites, recommended lists, subject bibliographies, publisher’s catalogs, patron requests, and vendors. Standard sources include Library Journal, Booklist, New York Times Book Review and Bestseller List, BookPage, Courier-Journal,, and various Baker & Taylor resources.

000-999 General Works
This section includes the unexplained, computer sciences, library sciences, encyclopedias, and publishing. UFO’s, aliens, and Bigfoot are high interest topics to patrons and acquired as available. The computer science materials are in frequent demand and require continual updating. The library purchases materials on popular computer programs, operating systems, software applications, hardware and the Internet. This area should be reviewed frequently for outdated and obsolete items, but some older material is retained for patrons who have earlier versions of programs. The library’s computer services staff members are relied upon to assist with weeding and making suggestions for needed purchases. The very limited purchases of materials in library sciences will be to assist patrons in setting up a small library. Titles for professional development of the staff will be shelved in the Professional Collection. One set of encyclopedias is purchased every couple years and kept as Reference. The slightly older encyclopedia sets circulate. Materials by current popular journalists are purchased. Due to the vast changes in the publishing industry, this area will need to be monitored closely. Fewer items may be purchased and outdated items need to be weeded frequently.

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology
Included in this area are philosophy, parapsychology, psychology, and ethics. Primarily the major philosophers and their basic writings are collected. The topics of witchcraft, the occult, astrology, ghosts, ESP, hypnosis, and dream interpretations are very popular and continuously purchased. Titles in these subjects also frequently disappear and must be replenished. Popular psychology and self-improvement titles for the general reader are selected. Highly specialized texts in psychology and philosophy are not purchased. Titles on controversial moral issues such as bioethics, euthanasia, and animal rights are collected for students writing school reports.

200-299 Religion
Christianity, mythology, and world religions are included in this section. Biblical study texts and histories are retained, but not many new items purchased. Popular titles in Christian theology and doctrines, devotionals, and the practice of living a Christian life are collected for the layperson. General materials, history, and overviews of the various denominations of the church are acquired as available. Resources on world mythologies are selected primarily for students writing reports. Basic titles on world religions and their beliefs, particularly in Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, are purchased. Materials of a proselytizing nature are not collected.

300-399 Social Sciences
This very large area includes sociology, social groups, political science, economics, law, military science, social problems, criminology, education, commerce, communications, transportation, customs, etiquette, and folklore. Only the most popular sociology titles are selected. Basic materials dealing with current issues and the history of race relations, civil rights, elections, and our political system are purchased as available. Titles on strengthening interpersonal and family relationships are very popular. Personal finance and investment titles are purchased, but need frequent weeding, to stay up with the latest trends. Some classic historical works on the founding principles of the United States and on constitutional law are retained. Legal titles for the general reader, such as leases, living wills and trusts, estate planning, and bankruptcy are very popular and must be kept current. General materials on the history of the various branches of the armed forces are retained. Some titles on joining the military and pursuing careers in the military services are selected. ASVAB Test study books are highly requested, frequently disappear, and must be continually updated and replaced. Materials covering substance addictions and the various types of physical and psychological abuses are frequent patron requests. Biographical materials such as Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called It and The Lost Boy are very highly used and must be replaced often. True crime books are a major patron interest and many titles are collected. Materials on homeschooling, improving your child’s education, and assisting your child with learning disabilities, which are written for parents, are purchased as available. Since there is a university in the area (IUS), with student resources for their educational degrees, this public library does not try to duplicate those titles of a more specialized nature. Books on choosing a college, financial aid and scholarships, and college life are shelved in a special College Area. SAT, ACT, and more advanced testing study guides are also in that area. GED and adult literacy materials are shelved separately. Historical materials on the many modes of transportation are retained. Costume and fashions of the various eras of history are frequently requested. Wedding planning titles are in very high demand, but this area needs monitoring to keep it current. Only a few updated titles on etiquette are necessary. Customs and folklore of the various countries are retained, but not many new items are purchased. Materials on mythical beings, such as vampires and ghosts, continue to be extremely popular and need frequent replenishing.

400-499 Language
English language, foreign language, and sign language resources comprise this section. English is the primary focus. Many types of dictionaries, both current and historical, make up a large portion of this area. The Oxford English Dictionary and some other specialized titles are kept in the Reference collection. Materials on the interesting origins of English words and phrases are also retained. A few current grammar and usage books should be maintained. Due to the increasing number of Hispanics throughout the United States and in this region, there is a particular emphasis on collecting resources to facilitate learning the Spanish language. Multiple copies of resources are purchased to meet patron demand. For the other foreign languages, primarily dictionaries and phrase books are collected. Audio books about learning the various languages are becoming quite popular. Sign language for communicating with the deaf is periodically requested. Several dictionaries and other resources are retained.

500-599 Science
Mathematics, physics and chemistry, astronomy, geology, climate and weather, prehistory and fossils, biology, botany, and animal resources are included in this section. Primarily these resources are collected for the general reader trying to understand life in the universe and to support research for middle and high school student assignments and science projects. Basic material in mathematics, physics, and chemistry needs to be monitored for usage and replaced every few years to stay current. Titles on the identification of rocks and minerals, plants and trees, insects, snakes, birds, and mammals are frequently requested by patrons. Information on animals and their habitats, especially with illustrations, are also in high demand. This community has an interest in well-illustrated books on all types of flora and fauna. Works of significant historical value, such as “Origin of the Species” by Charles Darwin, should be retained. All types of science books dealing with this region, especially southern Indiana, should be kept indefinitely or until superseded by newer editions.

600-699 Technology
This diverse area includes inventions and technology, medicine and health, automotive history and repair, agriculture and gardening, animal and pet care, cookbooks, business and management, manufacturing processes, and building construction. Materials dealing with the history of technology and inventions, such as timelines and the origins of everyday items are retained. Patient education materials on all aspects of health and wellness, as well as diseases and treatments, are in very high demand. This area needs to be kept very current and weeded every few years. Some specialized reference titles, such as Physician’s Desk Reference and Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, are updated annually. Previous editions then become circulating. Currently popular diet and fitness books are selected, but these titles need frequent weeding as patron interest declines. Titles dealing with depression, bipolar disorder, autism, and ADD are purchased as available to keep current and to meet patron demand. Pregnancy and childbirth books are frequently requested and must be acquired regularly. Materials on all types of automotive repair and maintenance are retained, but not many new items are purchased. The library subscribes to an online database,, to keep up-to-date. Titles about the history of agriculture, small scale farming, vegetable and flower gardening, and domestic animal care, are purchased to meet patron demand. Books about dog and cat breeds and their care are especially popular. A vast array of all types of cookbooks has been collected over the years. Many new popular cookbook titles are purchased also. Materials on all aspects of starting and managing a business are selected to meet patron demand. Resume and job searching materials are frequently purchased and are shelved in the Job Center area, by the upstairs Customer Service Desk. This area needs frequent monitoring to keep the materials updated with the latest trends. Materials on metal working, blacksmithing, and manufacturing of many other products are retained. Some collectible and value guides for manufactured items such as clocks, guns, kitchen items, toys, and dolls are purchased for this area. Do-it-yourself titles on the different processes in building construction, from carpentry to tile-setting, are frequently requested. Materials on heating and cooling systems and installing plumbing are also acquired as available.

700-799 Arts and Recreation
This area features popular treatments of the fine and decorative arts: art history, landscaping, architecture, drawing and cartoons, hobbies and crafts, interior decorating, antiques, collectibles, painting and photography. It also includes music, movies, television, recreational games and sports, as well as hunting and fishing. Virtually all materials are at a popular level, with little scholarly material. Basic histories of art and the arts of other countries are retained, but not a lot of new items are purchased. House plans and landscaping books are popular. How to draw titles, currently popular cartoon characters, and the history of comics are collected. A large collection of titles on all types of handicrafts are retained, but need to be kept updated. Scrapbooking, knitting, and quilting are especially popular. Various styles of home decorating titles are selected to meet patron demand. While materials on the history of interior design are kept, titles of general home decorating ideas need to be weeded every few years. Materials on antiques and collectibles of all types are very heavily used. Price guides need to be as current as possible. Since lots of collectible/price information is now available on the Internet, there may be a decrease in patron interest in book materials in the future. Art books on how to paint with oils, acrylics, water colors, etc., are collected. Histories of painting and the famous artists are retained, but not many new items are selected. Older photography titles about outdated techniques and equipment need to be weeded. Digital photography is currently very popular. Books on the history of all types of music are retained. Popular biographies of current and historical singers and musical groups area acquired. A large collection of sheet music books is retained. Some titles on how-to play the piano and the various other musical instruments, particularly guitar, are maintained. Histories of the movies and television shows, along with biographies of their stars are very popular with patrons and many new titles are selected. Basic guides to card game playing and rules are retained. Since there is a gambling casino near New Albany, several titles on playing the different casino games are maintained. These books tend to disappear and must be replenished often. Materials on all types of sports are collected. Books on current popular sports teams, biographies of major sports stars, how-to play, and coaching youth teams are acquired to meet patron demand. Some hunting titles, especially deer hunting, and fishing techniques titles are maintained.

800-899 Literature
The literature collection consists of materials on writing, literary history and criticism, and collections of works, such as short stories, quotations, poetry, plays, essays, and speeches. The materials on writing are intended to aid the aspiring writer of fiction or nonfiction books, magazine articles, poetry, greeting cards, etc. Advice on writing techniques, finding a publisher, writing research papers, and writing various types of letters are collected in this subject area. APA and MLA style manuals need to be kept updated. Many of the older works in the literature/poetry/drama section are retained as a core collection, but new items ordered sparingly. New titles that are selected would be by very popular poets and playwrights, or prize-winning works of poetry and new anthologies, or plays that have become major hits on Broadway. Emphasis is on American and British literature. New titles written about American authors and fiction are collected. Some humor and jokes books are acquired. These titles need periodic weeding as reading interests change. Shakespeare’s works, guides to understanding them, and his biographies are requested by students for school assignments. Basic core works and materials about the literature of many other nations are retained. These titles are English translations.

900-999 History and Geography
This area includes atlases, travel, baby names, ancient world history, wars, histories of other countries, Native Americans, and United States history. Several types of atlases are retained in the Reference Collection and many others are circulating books. Travel material for other countries is a frequent request. Titles from Frommer’s and Fodor’s are acquired annually for many of the major foreign countries. An effort is made to find some travel material about each country. Travel books for the different states and regions of the United States are very popular, with many purchased each year to meet patron demand. Travel guides to Disneyworld are selected. Baby name books are frequently requested and also frequently disappear and must be replaced. Histories of life in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt are maintained to help with student assignments. There is a yearly senior assignment on the Middle Ages and medieval times, so many resources are selected to supplement these student research topics. A large collection of titles on all aspects of World War II is maintained. Information on the concentration camps, survivor’s biographies, and especially copies of “The Diary of Anne Frank” need to be kept available for student assignments. Battle and campaign histories, and also biographies of servicemen are very popular. Titles on Hitler, the Nazi’s, and Germany’s Third Reich are of continual interest. Materials on the history of foreign countries, particularly European countries, are retained. New titles on the Queen and the Royal Family are still very popular. Books dealing with the Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars, the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are purchased. Materials on the Native American tribes and their cultures are requested particularly by students for research papers. Books on all phases of American History are acquired, especially the American Revolution and the Civil War. Many titles covering more recent United States History, the presidents and political issues during their terms, and biographies of major political figures are selected to fill patron demand. Material on the history of the different states is maintained. Indiana and Kentucky history titles are especially collected.

92’s Biographies
A large collection of older biographies is maintained and is shelved after the Dewey #999 books. These books are arranged by the person they are about, such as 92 Kennedy, John. Due to space limitations, some biographies were previously cataloged with other books in their Dewey subject, such as sports stars in the 796 area. All types of new popular biographies are purchased to meet patron demand. Patrons had asked about browsing just the newer biographies, so a smaller browsing collection of biographies, with books from two to five years old, is maintained. The most current biographies are shelved in the New Books area.

Titles are selected to appeal to a wide range of reading interests and tastes. All fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the author’s name, then by title; or by title if there is no author. The Fiction section includes Christian, Christmas, and Urban Fiction, also romance and nurse books, all interfiled. Special spine labels denote these difference categories within the Fiction area. Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, Ghost Stories, Westerns, and Science Fiction books are shelved in separate collections, with their own special spine labels. Classics need to be monitored for replacement due to heavy use and loss. Multiple copies of older titles can be weeded, except for the really popular authors. An effort is made to acquire all titles in many of the most popular series.

New Books
This area includes the newest fiction and nonfiction titles. Books stay in this area for about six months. Current fiction and nonfiction are in particularly high demand, sometimes due to promotion in the popular media. Multiple copies of the most popular fiction authors’ books are acquired. The library subscribes to Baker & Taylor’s Automatically Yours for preordering hardback fiction books and also to B&T Leasing to provide extra copies of the most requested fiction titles. A ratio of one copy for each four requests is optimal. New fiction books circulate for 14 days. The new nonfiction books circulate for 28 days. Multiple copies of popular nonfiction titles, based on the number of patron holds, are purchased as necessary to meet patron demand. These titles are on all types of popular subjects and are purchased in hardback, soft back, or mass media paperback, as available.

Reference Books
Due to so much information being available online, and the expensive books getting less use, the traditional Reference Area has undergone some changes. This very large area has been, and will continue to be, pared down and it has been split into two sections. Some books are kept as Ready Reference and do not circulate. Others were changed to Limited Circulation and do check out for seven days. The Ready Reference area includes a set of encyclopedias, currently World Book, and several other specialized encyclopedias and sets of books. These items are designed for research use, may be very expensive, or may be titles that the staff needs to keep handy to answer patron questions. It was decided that some items that had always been reference books would get more use if patrons could take them home for a few days to study them. This Limited Circulation Area will need to be monitored for usage and then it will be determined if these items could go in the circulating collection or even are ready to be withdrawn from the collection. Some items will always be kept in the Ready Reference Collection. Other reference books are shelved in separate areas: Art, Atlases, Auto Repair, Business, Consumer, Government, and Health. Some of the Health titles are also Limited Circulation. Fewer government titles are being purchased since the United States Code, Indiana Code, etc. are available on the Internet.

Large Type or Large Print
The library maintains a collection of books with larger print for people who have difficulty reading normal sized print or those who just prefer the larger print. This collection is primarily a duplication of titles already in the library in standard type. The LTE collection is used a great deal by senior citizens and the library’s Walking Books program. This influences the purchasing patterns for this section. The collection consists of popular general fiction, mysteries, romances, adventure, westerns, classic literature, self-help, travel memoirs, biographies and other popular works. Cookbooks are no longer purchased for the LTE area. Due to space considerations, this collection should be weeded annually. The library will continue to purchase new titles to keep up with popular demand and to maintain a balanced collection. The New Albany Lion Club has traditionally donated $1,000.00 to the library for large print books each year. If this donation is not received by the fall of the year, a letter will be sent to encourage them to donate. Large print issues of the Reader’s Digest and Guideposts are located in this area and are kept two years plus the current year. The New York Times in Large Type will be kept for three months. There are also various other magazines kept in this area that pertain to senior citizens’ interests. These subscriptions need to be evaluated for renewal yearly.

The magazine collection is designed to meet the general informational, recreational, and how-to need of patrons. It includes the basic and popular magazines, Spanish language, business, genealogy, and young adult magazines. Patron demand for up-to-date information is often met through magazines. Students of all educational levels use this collection for research and course-related work. Journals, which are technical or scholarly, are not included in this collection. More specialized magazines and journals have full-text access through the library’s online periodical databases. The current copy of most magazines is kept in the Current Reading Area and does not circulate till the next issue is received. The back issues of magazines circulate for twenty-eight days and titles are kept for two years plus the current year. Magazine title selection is based on patron requests, interest in a subject, and magazine reviews. Due to the popularity of magazines, the library should continue to strengthen this growing collection by adding new titles that will enhance needed subject areas. Patron usage of magazines is continually evaluated and titles with low circulation are cancelled. However, there is also considerable in-house use of magazines, which needs to be taken into consideration.

This collection consists of local, regional, and national newspapers that are of interest to this community. Floyd, Clark, and Harrison County newspapers are included in this collection. The library receives double copies of the Courier-Journal (Louisville) and the News and Tribune (Floyd County). These are necessary for high patron demand, indexing and clipping of local articles, and the archiving of the News and Tribune on microfilm. Besides news, public interest often stems from a need for classified ads related to employment and residential offerings. Due to cost considerations and online availability, the library only carries national titles USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and The New York Times (Sunday Edition) for national news and business coverage. Newspapers do not circulate, but have much in-house use. The papers are usually kept for three to six months depending on the title, except for the News and Tribune which is retained till the microfilm copy is available. Suggested purchases and budget are used to determine which titles to add or delete.

Spanish Language Collection
Responding to the needs of a growing Hispanic population in Floyd County, the library has created a Spanish-language area in a highly visible location in the Reference Department. The books, magazines, and DVDs in Spanish are of a popular nature. The fiction is a mixture of works by prize-winning authors and light, relatively easy reading. For nonfiction, there are basic works on health, immigration, English-as-a Second Language, family issues, sports, how-to, spirituality, and parapsychology.

Young Adult Collection
The young adult collection consists of books of interest to teens in middle and high school. The collection contains fiction, graphic novels, paperbacks and non-fiction. Selections are based on reviews in VOYA, SLJ, Kirkus, B&T reviews, as well as, patron requests. Members of Teen Scene Initiative, the teen advisory board, also preview books and make recommendations. Currently, hard copies are chosen over paperbacks.The many ongoing series require special effort to keep current. Fiction is shelved alphabetically according author’s last name, first name and title. Paperbacks are shelved alphabetically according to author and paperback series are shelved separately according to title of the series.Graphic novels are shelved by series title and single graphic titles are shelved separately according to title. Book condition, circulations, number of copies and replaceability are considered in weeding. Non-fiction book titles include self-improvement, peer and family relationships, history, geography, poetry, and biographies. The Recommended Reading contains classics and is monitored to keep the selections in good condition and current with the recommendations for college bound students. Contacts have been made with high school and middle school librarians in order to keep abreast of ongoing research topics and in attempting to keep the collection current with the research needs of middle and high school students.

Purchased for this collection are CDs and Playaway formats featuring the spoken word, primarily narrations of popular published titles. The collection includes general fiction, as well as the genre fiction of mysteries, westerns, romances and science fiction. All areas of fiction are purchased so as to provide patrons with a balanced collection recognizing both popularity and classical endurance. Non-fiction audiobooks are used for recreational listening and for information. Biographical, religious, or inspirational, historical, and travel titles are currently selected based on current popularity and potential long-term significance. Copyright dates/age are considered in evaluating medical titles. Review tools such as Library Journal, Baker and Taylor, as well as Audio award winners of the year are considered. Homebound clients account for a significant number of audiobook circulations, most of which are fiction. Unabridged works are purchased whenever possible. Cassette formats are currently retained, but no longer purchased. Weeding priorities are based on popularity and condition. Selection criteria include subject demand, technical quality and clarity, and reader/author recognition.

Revised 2012