Meeting Room Use Guidelines

1.  The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library (“Library”) makes available Meeting Rooms as part of its community service. The Meeting Rooms are available for use by community organizations or groups of individuals formed for civic, community, cultural, religious, and educational purposes which are non-commercial and non-profit (collectively referred to as “Meeting” or “Meetings”). Political groups may also use the Meeting Rooms for non-partisan, educational programs.

2.  Allowed use of the Meeting Rooms does not constitute or imply the Library’s endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the Meetings held therein.

3.  For-profit groups may use the Meeting Rooms if the Meeting has a public service aspect, as determined by the Library Director. Meetings to demonstrate or take orders for a product or service are not allowed. For-profit groups will be charged $25.00 for the use of the Meeting Rooms for all or part of each 2-hour period of use, including set-up and clean-up time. Payment shall be made at the time the Meeting Room is reserved.

4.  The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule Meetings if scheduling conflicts arise. For the purposes of cancelling or rescheduling conflicting Meetings, priority shall be given in the following order:

  • Uses directly related to the Library and the operations of the Library;
  • Uses for groups indirectly related to the Library;
  • Meetings of employees of the Library;
  • Uses by local City or County departments or agencies;
  • Uses by other government agencies;
  • Use by community organizations or groups of individuals formed for civic, community, cultural, religious, and educational purposes which are non-commercial and non-profit; and
  • Use by for-profit groups.

5.  No private parties or purely social events are allowed.

6.  All Meetings must be open to the public, conducted in a manner in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations; and may be monitored by Library staff to ensure compliance with the Policy.

7.  Out of county organizations must have the Library Director’s approval to reserve a Meeting Room.

8.  No admission fee, offerings, solicitations, donations or collection of funds may be made or requested during use of the Meeting Room. Only Library sponsored or library co-sponsored programs may charge for materials.

9.  Only the Library or a group indirectly related to the Library may sponsor a fundraising or social program in the Meeting Rooms, with the Library Director’s prior approval.

10.  Publicity for a Meeting by a non-Library group in the Meeting Rooms shall not imply Library sponsorship or endorsement of the group’s activities or viewpoints.

11.  The Library’s Building Use Policy must be followed. If policies are abused, reservation privileges for the Meeting Rooms may be suspended.

12.  Media equipment, if needed, should be reserved with the Meeting Room. Equipment requested the day of the Meeting might not be available.

13.  The person signing the registration, and the group they represent, assumes full responsibility for the condition of the Meeting Room, for any Library equipment used, and for any resulting damages. Only adults, at least 18 years of age, are allowed to reserve the Meeting Rooms.

14.  Groups using the Meeting Rooms are expected to monitor attendance and not exceed the meeting Room capacity limit which is posted.

15.  The room is to be left clean and free of all trash and debris as it was found. Trash can be left in bags that are tied up and our custodians will take care of those. Upon inspection after the meeting or program, a cleanup fee of $40 will be assessed if the room is dirty and/or trash is not ready to be taken out.

16.  The organization or person reserving the Meeting Room is responsible for assuring that children are under adult supervision at all times.

17.  Light refreshments may be served, such as drinks, cookies, or box lunches in the Auditorium or Applegate Room. The party reserving the rooms must provide dishes, glasses and flatware. No meals may be cooked in the Library. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

18.  The Library will not accept shipments nor will it store materials for Meetings. The Library will not provide supplies, including but not limited to pencils, paper, ice, utensils, or drinks.

19.  The Library has two parking lots. The large lot is located across from the Library on Scribner Drive. There is a small lot immediately behind the Library. It is suggested that large groups carpool for Meetings due to limited parking space at the Library.

20.  If the fire alarm sounds while the Auditorium, Computer Lab, or Applegate Room is in use, all persons shall leave the building immediately by the nearest exit (Scribner Drive or Elm Street exits).

21.  There is no smoking or open flames permitted anywhere in the Library, including the Meeting Rooms.

22.  The Library Director must give permission for the piano or music to be played and playing of music must be done in a manner that will not disturb other Library patrons.

23.  The piano located in the Auditorium is not to be moved except by Library staff.

24.  The Library Director, or appointed staff member, reserves the right to terminate any Meeting that is deemed too noisy, disruptive, or potentially destructive to the Library’s property. Only one warning will be given before privileges are suspended.

25.  The Library is not responsible for accidents, injury, theft, or damage to personal items occurring in connection with the use of the Meeting Rooms.

26.  No person or group reserving the Meeting Room may assign their reservation to another group or person.

Hours Available
The Meeting Rooms are available during the following hours and must be vacated no later than the posted time:

Monday – Thursday        9:30 AM – 8:20 PM

Friday and Saturday        9:30 AM – 5:20 PM

Reservation Instructions
Meeting Room reservations are made at the Upper Circulation Desk. The Circulation staff will be glad to inform you by phone (812-944-8464 Ext. 122) of tentative Meeting Room availability, but you must come to the Upper Circulation Department in person to reserve the room. You will be given a photocopy of your Meeting Room reservation(s). In addition, reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the Meeting and can be made up to 3 months in advance. However, only two dates per month can be booked by any one group. Please notify the Circulation Department at least 24 hours in advance to cancel your Meeting Room reservations. After three cancellations without notification, Meeting Room reservation privileges will be suspended.

During inclement weather, it is suggested that you call the Library to be certain it is open. Listen to WHAS 840 AM radio for information on closings.

A Library staff member will unlock and lock the Meeting Room doors.


Use of Library and Carnegie Center Meeting Rooms Policy


Responsibilities involved with using library meeting rooms

We are asking for your help to contain the costs of operating our facilities for the benefit of New Albany and Floyd County residents.

Due to a significant time constraints involving the maintenance and cleaning of  the Library and the Carnegie Center for Art and History, library staff will no longer be able to set up or take down tables and chairs for programs or meetings of any kind that are not sponsored by the Library.

Effective June 1, 2013 this Library Board policy will be in full effect for the Library and the Carnegie Center for Art and History:

1)      The default setting for the Strassweg Auditorium will be theater style.

2)      The default setting for the Applegate Room will be tables and chairs arranged in a square.

3)      If set up of any meeting room is requested, there will be a charge of $40 to be paid in advance to the Circulation/Media staff prior to the meeting or program which will be non-fundable.

4)      After each meeting in the Auditorium or Applegate Room, the room must be reset in the same arrangement as it was found. If it is not, there will be a $40 fee assessed and collected by the Circulation/Media Department.

5)      Groups signing up for a meeting room assume full responsibility for the condition of the room, for any Library equipment used and for any damages.

6)      No admission may be charged by any groups using any library or Carnegie meeting room; however fees may be charged for materials if a program is co-sponsored by the library. If policies are abused, an organization’s room privileges may be suspended.

7)      The room is to be left clean and should be clean and free of all trash and debris as it was found. Trash can be left in bags that are tied up and our custodians will take care of those. Upon inspection after the meeting or program, a cleanup fee of $40 will be assessed if the room is dirty and/or trash is not ready to be taken out.

8)      All charges will be accepted as donations to the Library or Carnegie Center.

9)      Any group or association who does not comply with this policy will refused future room reservations.

10)   Two community organizations closely aligned with the goals and mission of the New Albany-Floyd County Library, i.e. the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society (SIGS) and the Floyd County Historical Society, are exempt from this policy. Their programs and meetings will be considered as library sponsored programs for the purposes of this policy.

11)   Any comments, questions, or concerns about these responsibilities should be addressed to Sandra Fortner, Interim Library Director, at (812) 949-3730 or

Reviewed and approved by the New Albany-Floyd County Library Board of Trustees, May 2, 2013.