Possible Side Effects

I will start off this review by saying I was able to listen to this book by borrowing it from Hoopla Digital. I use Hoopla on my phone and listen to audiobooks in my car. This is a great way to get in some extra reading time, especially if, like me, you are trying to [...]

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Readlikes for Non-Reads

One of the things I've learned to do in my time as a librarian is to recommend books to people. Like with so much else in life, there are no one-size-fits-all book recommendations. There is no such thing as a universally-loved book. So, in order to find the right fit for the person I'm recommending [...]

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Carnegie Questions: Get to Know Dan Pfalzgraf

Q: What’s your earliest memory of an art experience? Do you have any personal projects? Dan: My earliest art memories are from when I was six years old. I remember my sister teaching me the color wheel before I started first grade so I could impress the teacher with my knowledge on the first day [...]

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Do Babies Need Books? Yes!

It might be surprising to learn that reading is important for all ages - even babies!  Although they might not be able to understand everything or listen for very long, reading to babies helps them develop in many ways. Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikenan1/118458606/in/gallery-94151330@N00-72157625107943370/   It's always important to talk to your baby, and books give you something [...]

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The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

Fencing – it’s not just swinging a sword around but a sophisticated sport with a complex set of rules and three different types of weapon.  There’s the foil, with a curved grip and shallow guard – foil fencers score points by thrusting the tip of the foil at their opponent, but only hits on the [...]

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In Other Lands

  I read a book recently so fantastic that I made my best friend use her selection for our book club to pick it, just so I would have an excuse to read it again. It is called In Other Lands (2017, 437 pages) and it was written by Sarah Rees Brennan. It begins with [...]

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  I hope you're having a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day. We are thankful for all of our library patrons! -- Abby Johnson, Collection Development Leader  

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Fresh from storage!

Recently, we've been going through storage and re-introducing some items to the Indiana History Room.  Among them are the two volumes of Indian Biography by B.B. Thatcher.  These volumes were published in 1837 and have seen quite a bit of use in their lifetime.  They feature biographies on Powhatan, Massasoit, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Little Turtle, and [...]

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Carnegie Questions: Get to Know Al Gorman

Throughout my first year as a Carnegie Center employee, I was slowly getting to know my colleagues. The art world often attracts interesting people with a story to tell, and my fellow coworkers are no exception. This week, I caught up with Al Gorman, the Coordinator of Public Programs & Engagement. Q: What’s your earliest [...]

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Award Season is Beginning!

The end of the year and the beginning of the new year are when lots of major literary award winners are announced. Many awards make shortlists of finalists before announcing the top winner and these books are sure to end up on many best-of-2018 lists. What's already been announced? The National Book Awards will be [...]

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